Zhaochen Ding


Chief Expert, Deputy Director of Beijing Key Lab of Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction at Beijing University, Architect & GEElab Fellow

Ding, Zhaochen is a Taiwanese architect and has been living in both Shanghai and Beijing for the past 10 years. Until recently, we worked as Chief Expert of the Virtual Performing Shanghai Key Laboratory at Shanghai Theatre Academy and now serves as Deputy Director of the Beijing Key Lab of Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction at Beijing University. In addition, he is a Graduate Advisor at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, and a researcher at the Center of Cultural Industries of Taiwan Normal University. He earned his PhD from Tsinghua University in Beijing, and has published two book on digital entertainment with Tsinghua University Press.

Zhaochen is a well-known scholar in the field of Chinese digital culture. In 2007, he founded DEJ - the Digital Entertainment Jam - which has been showcasing digital entertainment projects from Asian universities and has been exploring new and relevant academic curricula. DEJ traveled to Milan Design Week in 2009 and thus was introduced to many countries. The event series is now serving to bridge cross cultural collaboration on educating Digital Entertainment Design. Zhaochen is a GEElab Fellow, was a keynote speaker at the GEElab Launch Symposium in March 2011, and has been working with Steffen since 2007. Together, they have been leading several (Pervasive) Game Design workshops at universities in Taiwan and in China.

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