Our Team

IDEEC (International Design Education Expo & Conference) is a non-profit organization of independent educators and designers who have a vision and passion for sharing their experiences and resources with the global design education community. The IDEEC is an innovative, dynamic, motivating event that is developed through global design institutions. Our global perspectives, diverse culture, and wide-ranging specialties are what makes our conference unique. It also provides special reinforcement to the design education community.

The IDEEC founder and coordinator, Prof. Chang Kim and his staff, located in San José, California, are responsible for planning and developing IDEEC's overall vision, event programs, and partnerships. We strive to discover, share, and integrate the excellence of design education through the curriculum, methodology, and showcase the work of our international membership network.


On August 16th, at IDEEC 2019 in San José, candidates for the 2020 Committee Board will be formulated and share their vision with participating schools and organizations.

Chang Sik Kim
Founder & Coordinator, IDEEC
Professor, San José State University

Special thanks to
Boris Kochan
President, German societies for design
President, Granshan

Shannon Miller
Dean, College of Humanities and Arts
San José State University

Connie Hwang
Professor, San José State University

Yoon Han
Assistant Professor, San José State University

Earl Gee
Creative Director,  Gee + Chung Design
Adjunct Faculty, San José State University


Coordinator and art director
Prof. Chang Kim

Special thanks to the dedicated and hard-working student designers at SJSU who assist to make this event more fun and vital!

Event management team 
- Brittney Garcia 
- Helen Frost 
- Miranda Chang

Book publication team
- Bao Ngan Tran 
- Valerie Truong 
- Kelvin Esparza-Perez 
- Seth Zavagno 
- Kala Lee

Promotion team
- Ali Burney 
- Robert Castellanos
- Marija Istocnika 
- Marc Montenegro
- Rachel Lee 
- Katherine Chen  

Web team
- Brandon Lai 
- Linda Szeto 
- Natalie Rejas 
- Kuk hyun Ryu 

Exhibition team
- David Le
- Elijah Allen
- Brittney Garcia
- Allison Chen