Congratulations Message

Dr. Shannon Miller

Dean, College of Humanities and Arts

San José State University

Dean Shannon Miller and the College of Humanities and the Arts at San José State University cordially welcome you to the first annual International Design Education Expo & Conference (IDEEC).  Congratulations to Professor Chang Sik Kim for organizing this conference; Professor Kim has worked tirelessly for the last two years to organize this Expo & Conference. In addition to support from his department and the college, he has engaged 20 of our most talented BFA Graphic Design senior students to support the development of the website, the conference book, and the exhibition space design in which the August 16th-18th event will be occurring.

The training our Design students are receiving as a function of Professor Kim's collaboration and planning is just one aspect of the educational contribution the International Design Education Expo & Conference is making to global design education.  The international reach of the Expo & Conference is remarkable.  15 international universities and 5 national universities are participating in the expo and exhibition, with 160 entries exhibited from these institutions. 34 well-known international speakers from academic institutions and the design industry will be presenting at the conference as well. Consequently, the International Design Education Expo & Conference has gathered the best designers from across the international education community and academia to speak on professional practice, social responsibility, the philosophy of design, and other topics that will make a vital impact on the conversation about design and education.  The global design education community will be actively represented at IDEEC, and this educational opportunity will inspire designers, educators, and students working in the field of visual communication and information design around the world.  The first annual IDEEC will also provide free admission to students, educators, and community members, providing an invaluable service to San José State University students, visiting faculty and industry members, and the larger community of San José and the larger Silicon Valley.  

As the College of Humanities and the Arts, we are delighted to be helping host such a significant educational event.  Our college is home to the Department of Design, with 1400 majors in areas including graphic design, animation, industrial design, interior design, and design studies.  Our B.F.A. programs in graphic design, animation, industrial design, and interior design produce highly trained and exceptionally talented graduates who frequently win accolades at national competitions.  It is so exciting to have this Expo and Conference at the Hammer Theatre, allowing our students and residents of San José and the Silicon Valley engage with the future of design.  The focus of the IDEEC on both education and diversity are core values of the College of Humanities and the Arts and of San José State University.

The College of Humanities and the Arts at San José State University houses disciplines from the fine and performing arts to traditional humanities programs.  Our art, design, music, dance, film, and theater programs provide our region with talented artists, performers, and entertainers who re-envision the world through beautiful design, movement, and sound while providing alternate modes of understanding our world. Our humanities and arts programs produce graduates with critical thinking skills that businesses in the region rely upon in the fast-paced world of the Silicon Valley. We are practical and inspiring, and we shape the future of the arts and humanities. We send our graduates to Pixar, Google, and Apple, as well as into the creative fields of performing arts. Our college’s graduates pursue J.D.s and enter Ph.D. and M.F.A. programs across the country to explore emerging ideas and continue to create art that challenges and delights.

San José State University is an engine for social mobility and for producing the next generation of humanists and creators of the arts.  The college serves 4,500 majors and 30,000 undergraduates through a wide range of courses in humanities and the visual, performing, and literary arts. The college sponsors more than 500 intellectual, cultural, and artistic events, performances, and exhibits annually.

We encourage you to enjoy your time at both the Hammer Theatre Center as well as to enjoy the city and the South Bay region during your visit. 

Dr. Shannon Miller

Dean, College of Humanities and Arts
San José State University

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