Welcome Message

Jin-tae Kim


Gangwon Province

Greetings, design professionals! I am Jin-tae Kim, Governor of Gangwon Province.

I would like to congratulate Gangwon-do for hosting the 2023 International Design Education Expo & Conference, and to welcome and thank all the professionals and university students who have come to participate.

In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Chang-sik Kim of the IDEEC Organizing Committee, who has been working hard to host the International Design Education Expo & Conference since 2019, and Ms. In-sook Choi, Director of Gangwon Institute of Design Promotion , who has done her best to attract this international design event to Gangwon Province.

Design is everywhere. It is closely connected to our lives, from the ballpoint pens and chairs we use to buildings. In some cases, sales of a product have more than doubled with a simple design change, and cafes that were on the verge of going out of business have hit the jackpot. Design is a competitive advantage.

Gangwon Province is no exception when it comes to design, and we’ve spent a lot of time preparing for the start of its transformation into the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province after 628 years, and we’re looking forward to a fresh start on June 11th.

Design is observation and experience, and the 650 works on display at the Design Education Expo are the work of professors and students from 55 universities in 20 countries. It is a valuable time of experience to see the design market from all over the world in one place, and it will be an opportunity for better design education and industry development.

In particular, it will be the best time for design education institutions and education experts from all over the world to gather, listen to lectures and discuss, and inspire each other.

“We look forward to the successful outcome of the ‘2023 International Design Education Expo & Conference’ and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Yours sincerely.

June 3, 2023.

Jin-tae Kim,

Governor of Gangwon Province

Welcome Message

Dong Han Yuk


Chuncheon City

Hello, I’m delighted to welcome you all to Chuncheon for the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Visual Communication Design. My name is Yuk Dong Han, and I am the Mayor of Chuncheon. On behalf of the city, I extend a warm welcome to all participants and guests attending this innovative and inspiring event.

As we transition from the green of spring to the warm hues of summer, we are celebrating the fact that Chuncheon is hosting a meaningful event for the future of the design industry.

Design goes beyond the art of expressing beauty and enhances the quality and completeness of our lives. We spend most of our time living in an artificially created space, from our homes and workplaces to the places where we rest. Everything we use and see has been designed, and design is life itself.

Looking around Chuncheon, our hometwon, we can see how the appearance of the alleys and skyline has changed over the years. Design that considers the convenience of citizens is a crucial factor in the infrastructure that makes up the city. To achieve great urban design, we need to capture the lives of current citizens while having a future orientation. The symbolism of the exterior and the inner function needs to be included.

2023 IDEEC event is a venue for securing solutions in the field of design in Gangwon-do, where design education institutions and experts worldwide gather. I hope that it will be a good opportunity for innovation and development in design education and industry by laying the foundation for strengthening the global capabilities of the Gangwon design industry.

Furthermore, we hope to grasp the current status of design education and industry worldwide and share our accumulated experiences. We look forward to sharing our wisdom and opinions for better design education and industry development.

Thank you.

Dong Han Yuk,

Chuncheon City Mayor

Welcome Message

Hyuk-yeol Kwon


Gangwon Provincial Council

Hello! I’m Hyuk-yeol Kwon, chairman of the Gangwon Provincial Council.

I am delighted to host the 2023 International Design Education Expo & Conference, which is designed to strengthen the global capabilities of the Gangwon design industry, and I sincerely congratulate you.

First of all, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Ms. In-sook Choi, Director of Gangwon Institute of Design Promotion, and Mr. Chang Sik Kim, Organizing Committee Chairman of IDEEC, for always striving to strengthen design capabilities and competitiveness of companies, and for organizing such a meaningful event.

In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the design industry has become a necessity rather than an option. In particular, the development of customized products through the convergence of design and technology is becoming a new driving force for future industries in Gangwon-do, and is being used in every corner of our lives, including manufacturing, agriculture, fishing, service, and tourism.

Considering these important factors, many designers are making constant efforts to develop new designs. At this expo, we will introduce various works born out of creative ideas. The expo will be a great place for design education that cannot be easily accessed, as the works exhibited are the result of countless efforts and wisdom of domestic and international experts to create a better world.

The Gangwon Provincial Council will also do its best to revitalize the design industry in Gangwon-do and expand the global design education infrastructure.

We hope that this timely event will further stimulate discussions on the development of innovative and creative design.

Once again, congratulations on hosting the International Design Education Expo & Conference, and I wish everyone’s family will be full of health and happiness.

Thank you.

Hyuk-yeol Kwon,

Chairman of the Gangwon Provincial Council,

June 3, 2023

Welcome Message

Heon-young Kim


Kangwon National University

Greetings, I am Dr. Heon-Young Kim, President of Kangwon National University.

First of all, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the organizers of the International Design Education Expo & Conference, and I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the domestic and international design professionals and guests who have come to Kangwon National University to participate in this event. In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Chang-sik Kim of the IDEEC Organizing Committee, and Ms. In-sook Choi, Director of Gangwon Institute of Design Promotion, for their efforts in organizing this event.

When we hear ‘design,’ we often think of appearance, but design goes beyond appearance. A change, in essence, often accompanies the design. Design changes the existing order and culture and improves human life.

Today, design is one of the core competencies that transforms the world based on innovation and creativity, fusing with advanced technologies and business models to change the world, not to mention the development of the economy and life since the Industrial Revolution. Whether it’s finding new materials to replace plastics, designing eco-friendly cars, or transforming decaying neighborhoods into cultural spaces, designers worldwide are contributing to new ideas and innovative outcomes through the convergence of various fields.

The expo will introduce design works that incorporate the efforts and concerns of professors and students from 55 universities in 20 countries around the world and will feature high-level lectures by design education experts from around the world. We expect this to be a meaningful opportunity to explore the latest trends and future prospects of global design education and industry and the way forward for design education emphasizing creativity and innovation.

We also hope this event will serve as a good opportunity for local governments, businesses, and students in Gangwon Province to recognize the importance of design education and expand their capabilities and policy horizons to play an active role on the world stage. I want to congratulate and thank the organizers for their efforts to make the 2023 International Design Education Expo & Conference a success, and I wish all participants good health and happiness in their homes.

Thank you.

Dr. Heon-Young Kim,
President of Kangwon National University

Welcome Message

Insook Choi


Gangwon Institute of Design Promotion

Good afternoon, distinguished guests from home and abroad. I am In-sook Choi, Director of Gangwon Institute of Design Promotion .

We are very pleased to host this international conference under the theme of “The New Horizon of Design Education.” I would like to thank IDEEC President Prof. Changsik Kim, the speakers who prepared the lectures for each session, and the students and professors from each university who prepared and submitted their works.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Governor Kim Jin-tae of Gangwon Province, Mayor Yuk Dong-han of Chuncheon, Speaker Kwon Hyuk-yeol of the Gangwon Provincial Assembly, and President Kim Heon-young of Kangwon National University for their support in hosting the international event.

The international conference will be held in five sessions, with 40 domestic and foreign educators sharing their design education philosophies and proposing various ways to resolve the current situation where paradigm changes are being requested due to digital revolutions such as artificial intelligence, under the theme of ‘New Horizons in Design Education’.

In addition, the exhibition of 650 works by professors and students from more than 50 universities in 20 countries, as well as the education expo of each university, will be a place for networking and introducing curriculum, educational goals, and specialization cases of participating universities.

With this opportunity, Gangwon Institute of Design Promotion will strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign design education institutions participating in the conference and expand its network with overseas universities to foster excellent design talents and nurture the global design industry.

Once again, we would like to thank those who participated in this event and helped us, and hope that it will be a fruitful time to share knowledge and changes in design education. Thank you.

2023. 6. 3.

InSook Choi

Director, Gangwon Institute of Design Promotion

Welcome Message

Chang Sik Kim

Professor, San José State University

Founder and Chair, IDEEC

On behalf of the IDEEC 2019 (International Design Education Expo & Conference) organizing committee, I am honored and delighted to welcome you to the 1st International Conference and Exhibition on Visual Communication Design at Hammer Theatre in San Jose, California.

IDEEC is an innovative, dynamic, motivating event that is developed through global design institutions. Our global perspective, diverse culture, and wide-ranging specializations are what makes our conference unique. We have gathered the best designers in the educational community and academia to speak on methodology, professional practice, and relevant topics that will make a vital impact on the conversation about design and education. The IDEEC is designed to inspire designers, educators, and students working in the field of visual communication and information design around the world by delivering relevant programs and benefits in a personal and thoughtful way. Through this event, participants will experience professional and personal growth, and play a part in sharing the desire and responsibility of shaping future aspiring minds in the field.

The first IDEEC (International Design Education Expo & Conference) will be held in August 2019 in San José, the heart of Silicon Valley. Each year the member institutions will alternate hosting the annual event, during the summer months. This year’s event will take place at Hammer Theatre in downtown San José, California near the San José State University campus. Hundreds of faculty and student groups from international universities are invited to display their design research and projects along with leading industry professionals.

This event consists of three parts: a conference, an exhibition, and a workshop. The conference will be held for three days at the Hammer, a state-of-the-art arts theatre with a capacity of 500 seats, located in San Jose, the heart of Silicon Valley. It is known as a global hub of digital and technological innovation with its wealth of tech monuments and incubators of new ideas, and will provide an inspirational setting to the first IDEEC conference. At this conference, let us celebrate what we, as a professional design education community, have achieved. There will be presentations on design education by professional designers and educators in the subjects of visual design, typography, information design, UI & UX design, animation, and illustration spanning 11 keynote speeches, 23 lectures, special sessions and featured schools’ portfolio exhibitions from all around the world. Through this conference, we will share our thoughts and exchange ideas on how to chart our journey forward to reach future visions that will bring higher value to both the individual and to the global community.

To put a conference of this magnitude together is no small task. To that end, I would like to close this welcome with a round of thanks for everyone who has made IDEEC 2019 possible. I want to thank all of the partnering and sponsoring organizations for providing their generous support. San José State University is partnering with the Granshan Foundation (non-Latin typography research and practice organization) and AIGA SF (American Institute of Graphic Arts) to host this exciting conference free of cost to further the value and encourage the diversity of design education along with the invited international educational institutions.  

I also would like to thank the invited speakers, my fellow educators, and professional designers, for agreeing to take time out of their busy schedules to give us their perspectives on a broad-ranging set of topics. Their passion, incredible wisdom, the remarkable journey will certainly inspire make a lasting impression on young and curious designers.

Lastly, I would like to thank all of the IDEEC event staff who are my beloved BFA Graphic Design students for their endless efforts and contributions, which are the foundation of this conference.

I look forward to welcoming you all for what promises to be an outstanding educational event.

Best Regards,

Prof. Chang Kim,
Professor, San Jose State University
Chair, IDEEC 2019