What is IDEEC?

IDEEC is an innovative, dynamic, motivating event that is developed through global design institutions. Our global perspectives, diverse culture, and wide-ranging specialties is what makes our conference unique. We have gathered the best designers in the education community and academia to speak on philosophy, professional practice, social responsibility, and relevant topics that will make a vital impact on the conversation about design and education. The IDEEC inspires designers, educators, and students working in the field of visual communication and information design around the world by delivering relevant programming and benefits in a personal and thoughtful way. Through this event and networking, participants will experience professional and personal growth, and the sharing of the desire and responsibility to help shape aspiring minds in the future.


Lectures on design education will be held in the Baekryong Art Center by professional lecturers and educators in visual design, typography, information design, UI & UX design, animation, and illustration. There will be 2 keynote presentations and 23 lectures held over the three day conference. It will be a meaningful time to share opinions on practical design and design education through presentations focusing on research projects and examples.

IDEEC Objectives

Our primary goal is to give participating schools the opportunity to showcase their academic pedagogy and student work to a global audience of design professionals, which will help to raise the profile of the school, and increase its status within the international design education community.

We seek to create a forum for:The exchange of international design methodologies, influences, and inspiration for students and faculty.

Learning and inspiration from leading designers on  their global experiences and trends via keynote presentations and lectures.

Cultivating symbolic, dynamic, and interdisciplinary exchanges between design education, design research, and industry.

2023 Confrerence Theme

<The New Horizon Of Design Education>

The field of design education has experienced a paradigm shift in recent years, driven by several factors. Here are some of the critical changes driving this shift:

  • A focus on problem-solving

  • A move toward interdisciplinary collaboration

  • A greater emphasis on social responsibility

  • A shift to digital technologies

  • Ethical considerations

  • Disruption of traditional teaching methods

  • A focus on lifelong learning

Overall, the paradigm shift in design education reflects a broader trend toward a more interdisciplinary, problem-solving design approach focused on creating socially responsible and sustainable solutions. This requires designers to be adaptable, collaborative, and committed to lifelong learning.