Juhyun Eune


Seoul National University

Professor Yoon Joo-hyun earned a bachelor's degree and a master's and doctorate degree from KAIST's Department of Industrial Design, and worked as a professor of design at Seoul National University after working in Daewoo Electronics' systems division, New York Time Inc. (Web/3D) designer, and design company operation. He is also a director of the Design Society, including vice-chairman of the Korea Internet Experts Association and the Korea HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) Association, and is well-known as an expert in interaction design and UX design. Books include "Visual Storytelling," "Creative Revolution" (co-authored), and "Integrated Design Seminar" (co-authored). Professor Yoon Joo-hyun organized workshops and exhibitions in which Seoul National University, Qinghai University in China, Parsons University in the U.S., Chiba University in Japan, South Dakota University in the U.S., and Cornell University in the U.S. (participated in guest qualifications) shared the results of the first semester. Through academic exchanges, information design, interaction design, and service design cases were introduced centering on the city from a sustainability perspective.

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