Jean-Benoit Levy

Adjunct Faculty

San Jose State University

San Francisco State University

Jean-Benoit Levy is a graduate of the Basel School of Design, and is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale and the American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Published internationally in design books and periodicals, and included in public and private collections around the globe, Jean-Benoit’s work has explored the expressive power of typographic and pictorial signs for over 30 years.

For example, in Handbook, published in 2006, Levy investigates how depictions of hands are used across myriad cultures as a universal means of symbolic, instructional, or aesthetic communication. This collection of hand- signal graphics from around the world led to the creation of his sign- language typeface, entitled “H-AND-S.”

Jean-Benoit has also regularly brought his expertise and enthusiasm to the classroom, teaching workshops and classes at educational institutions including the Basel School of Design, the Rhode Island School of Design, and the California College of the Arts. He currently teaches at San Jose State University’s Department of Design.

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