Hyungjoo Kim

Assistant Professor

Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance

Purdue University

Hyungjoo A. Kim joins Purdue as an assistant professor of visual communications design in the Patti & Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance. Kim studied environmental planning at Kyungpook National University and completed an M.F.A. in visual design at Hongik in Korea. She also received an M.A. in visual communications design at Purdue, where she previously taught for 10 years. Before rejoining Purdue, Kim taught both in the U.S. and Korea, including the University of Wisconsin as an assistant professor. As a designer, Kim’s work has been recognized in more than 100 exhibitions and publications internationally. Kim has practiced as a designer, illustrator, art director, design director, and a consultant in the field. These positions involved completing diverse design projects for a variety of client groups. Kim also has served on various advisory, steering, and organizing committees for international events and public organizations, and has curated and art directed international exhibitions.

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