Hisaki Nate


Tokyo Polytechnic University

Hisaki Nate is a professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University where he has a lecture on visual science and a workshop on video production. Hisaki Nate’s interest are mainly three-dimensional perception, visual fatigue and characteristics on visual perception in observing 360 degree images. Hisaki Nate was transferred to the university as an assistant, and after that he go though a lecture, associate professor, and became current position. At the university, Hisaki Nate studied on visual fatigue in observing high resolution images (like 4K images) and in observing no disparity realistic image. And Hisaki Nate studied on the change of depth perception when observing two photographs whose focus position were different. Before Hisaki Nate was transferred to the university, Hisaki Nate worked in Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan ;TAO (current National Institute of Information and Communications Technology; NICT) as a researcher.

Hisaki Nate studied characteristics on visual perception in observing super multi-view display. Hisaki Nate and colleagues examined that focus position of eyes shifted to three dimensional objects floating on a super multi-view display, not the display position. Hisaki Nate got doctor’s degree in human sciences from Osaka University. In graduate school, Hisaki Nate studied the sense of distance of an approaching object and the relationship between motion parallax and expanding of retinal image which was one of the depth cues.

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